Thursday, February 11, 2010


My friend Luiz and I were having "a few" beers after work yesterday... something that happens at least twice a week... and while I was talking about how inspiring "real" people´s blogs have been to me, somehow, the idea of having our own blog and engaging in the whole e-commerce business emerged. :D

It´s still an idea in progress and we´re yet to sit down and brainstorm. Over beers, of course.

I´m very optimistic about it and I really do believe that we have a lot to offer... but there´s still some time until it becomes concrete... having to learn more about the politics of it all. We´re good, tax paying, honest citizens. :]

While the idea is being developed, I will post randomness... because that´s what we´re all about!

My inspiration notebook collage with magazine cutouts. (Sorry about the dinky quality camera phone picture. My digi needs to be recharged.)